Hello Kerwood Family Members!

On a recent trip home, I was touched by the Christmas letter sent out by cousin Ann in which she detailed her plans to hike the Appalachian Trail this year as a tribute to her late mother. It occured to me that one of the biggest gaps left by the passing of Jack and Della (other than the obvious), was the bond that all of us had through 20 Walnut St. I certainly remember as a child, visiting Grammy and Grampy and sitting on the porch while the two of them discussed all the news about our family and extended family members. In addition, if you stayed there long enough any one of these family members was bound to stop by. After more than a decade without this central focal point of family life, I feel, as perhaps some of you do as well, that I am gradually losing touch with a large part of who I am, and a large group of people who were then and still are now very important to me. So in an effort to restore some of this connection and as my own tribute to Jack and Della Kerwood , I have decided to create this website, in the hope that by providing a central location for all of us to share news, photos, contact info, etc, we can maintain the bond that we share as Kerwoods, former Kerwoods and honorary Kerwoods and continue to be an important part of each others lives. So please send me any news, photos, or info you wish to share through the contact link, or leave a comment in the guestbook. Hope to hear from you all,